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    1. I use the book 21 waltzes with my students, and they love it. Beautiful pieces and for them easy to play. Good tablature, fingering and not so difficult to play.Thank you Tom (Herb , Guitarteacher in Boston)

  1. I look a new method for 15+ year . The method ‘a quick leraning’ is teh answer. Cords, classic , fingerpicking, They learn it all. And avobe all the laike to play the songs and exercises. ( John Pierce)

  2. I recommand the rockguitar vol 1.
    Short pieces in all styles and my students love it. And indeed they have the idea they play like a rocker

    Allan ( Australia)

  3. There is a lot of sheetmusic for guitar, mostly to difficult for my students or just one style. The books of broekmeijer-music are a mix of classic, chords and fingerpicking. My students love to play these books. For the more classic or chord students a use 21 waltzes or one of the fingerpicking books.
    I have already used the books of Etudes Simples, ( by asking, no yet released) and this is the methdo I waited for along time. Thank You .
    ( Try it, 50% off when you are a teacher)


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