Through the years I teached a lot of students, beginner to advanced, in all styles.   

In addition to the standard guitar sheetmusic, I composed guitar books myself. 

I realized that many students not only wanted to learn classical guitar or pop, 

but also wanted to become acquainted with more styles.

So, I wrote a method that included classical, pop, chords and fingerpicking. 

From the start, the students are immediately introduced to several styles. 

 Of course considering a good left and right hand technique. 

I also believe that every guitarist should know the most common chords

 in addition to the classic guitar,  and that a pop guitar player must also have 

a proper left and right hand technique. ( like arpeggio, fingerpicking, playing in positions etc…


So, I have written books especially for classical guitar.

Books in the more fingerpicking style / chords,

for rock guitar and books that are a mix of all styles.


The guitarbooks and methods  can be used in the class very well. 

Step by step the students will achieve a higher level,

 with lovely songs and exercises. 

Beautiful songs to practise and technique exercises, 

It will motivate the students to achieve at a higher level in a shorter time than usual. 

From the fist moment they wil sound like a real guitar player. 


In addition to the notation, the books also have tablature. 

With the books a video is also available for free. 


Above all, a lot of students will have more fun in playing

 and practicing the guitar  


Guitar teachers can get a discount voucher 

to try the books, send me an email.