Guitar, method for the adult students, E-book



The  method ‘Guitar, method for adult students ( book 1 & 2) are developed 

for the student who wants te play the guitar in a more faster but joyful way. 

It is an introduction to classical guitar, but also to chord playing . 

The most common chords on guitar, fingerpicking, ( arpeggio), notes, tablature 

and an introduction to classical guitar. 

It contains lovely songs and exercises to play. 

It is another approach to learn to play the guitar. 

Chords, fingerpicking, ( arpeggio), classical guitar, melody playing, 

Step by stpe it will guide you to an allroud guitar player.


From the beginning you will have the feeling you play and sound like a real guitarplayer. 

So if you want to learn to play the guitar in a proper way 

and introduction to the chords, fingerpicking or the classical guitar, 

this is your book to play the guitar.


Book 1,  can be used in guitar-/ musicschools, but also without a teacher.